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(Tirana, Albania)  Erina Çoku is an Albanian poet, writer, and editor, who studied Language and Literature (Linguistic profile) at the Faculty of History and Philology in Tirana University. Author of two poetry books, her poems and reviews are published in different literary magazines, anthologies and other mediums. Erina has been a featured poet in many international poetry festivals, and has collaborated as editor and as creative writer on creating descriptive texts for the paintings  of the Italian artist Luca Morici, presented in the exhibition "Il dolore" (The Pain). She has worked for many years as the editor of the publishing house “Pegi,” and now works at the Diaspora Publishing Center in Tirana, Albania. Erina is the creator of Poetry Dreams, an art and poetry blog.

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(Veles, Republic of North Macedonia)  Igor Krajchev is a Macedonian writer, poet, literary critic and researcher.
 Author of five books with an MA in Macedonian literature and South Slavic literatures, Igor's work has been presented in Vienna, Toronto, New York, London, and Croatia. His writing has appeared in many anthologies, has been translated into Ukrainian, Croatian, and English, and has won numerous awards. In April 2020, Igor organized the virtual poetry festival UNITED WORLD OF POETRY, featuring many famous poets. A full member of the Macedonian Writers’ Association, and a member of its Presidency since 2018, Ivan is also the Director of the Local Library "Goce Delchev" in Veles, which has twice under his leadership been awarded "Library of the Year".

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(Otrić-Seoci, Croatia)  Born in 1992 in Metković, Croatia, Ivan Španjić he grew up in the small village of Otrić-Seoci where he still lives and writes. He has been breathing poetry ever since he was a kid and now, at 27 years of age, he has over 15 years of writing experience. Author of two books of poetry, „Jedno lice, Jedan glas“ (One face, one voice)
 and „Umrijet ću kao što pjesnici umiru“ (I shall die as poets do), Ivan is a member of the Croatian Writers' Association (CWA), of the Union of Artists Vlaho Bukovac in Split, and of Kultura Snova in Zagreb.

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