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Broadcast Live - 29 MAY 2020
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This Live Poetry Event

Performed By:


"American Side-Stitch: A Be-Bop"
Arranged by Craig Czury

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BEBOP - in the living history that is Jazz - is characterized by rhythmic unpredictability, fast tempos, and harmonic complexity. Hmm... Sounds like a perfect genre for poetry - and it is!

Join us for a Poetry Bebop performance -
American Side-Stitch: A Bebop  woven out of the voices of thirty five 20th century poets - sure to set you on a jazzy jam into your weekend.

In it's formal literary name, this be-bop is also a "cento", a poetical work wholly composed of verses or passages taken from other poets. For this arrangement, Czury has taken 20th Century American poets and woven their words together, using his Poem Fusion process developed over many years. 

American Side-Stitch: A Bebop gives a relevant, communal voice to 35 American poets of the 20th century, allowing them to speak and sing to the world of 2020 and beyond. 

Created and arranged by Craig Czury. Performed by Kimberly Crafton and Craig Czury.

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