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(Republic of Uzhupis, Lithuania)    Tomas Čepaitis, born in Moscow, Russia (1959), was the child of parents who were very productive translators from 1960 through the 1990's ( He spent his childhood/school years between Moscow, Lithuania and Crimea, and graduated from Moscow Literature Institute in 1983. Following his parents, Tomas works as a translator - also as a booktherapist and poetrytherapist. He writes librettos and lyrics for musicals and operas. Tomas' poetry is described as mixture of XIX century Russian language with childish / advertising rhymes and forms. Mystification on the brink of naivety, word play, home-made images.  He is a Champion of Haiku for Vilnius 2009. He has published 4 books illustrated with old photos, cartoons, money checks, in "Propeller" (Berlin) under 9 pseudonyms. A 5th book is in Cheboksary (Chuvash). He also makes garbage art, entrance art, post-stamps, and has invented around 30 styles of various other arts. Tomas is a foreign minister of the Uzhupis Republic, and the author of the Republic's Constitution, written in 1988. Tomas has organized a network of foreign poets to explore mobile multilingual poetry festivals.  One of his mottoes: "In this horror find smth. curious"

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(Lima, Peru & Helsinki, Finland)   Roxana Crisólogo Correa is a poet and cultural worker living in Helsinki. She has 5 poetry books. Her last poetry collective called La Belleza will be published this year in Mexico. Crisólogo is the founder of Multilingual Literary project "Sivuvalo: Is this Finnish literature?"  She works as coordinator in Finland for Nordic Literatures in Change and Exchange, a literature project engaged in creating networks for multilingual writers in the Nordic region. Roxana is part of La Colectiva, a group of Latin American artists and poets based in Helsinki that experiment with other forms of language. Crisólogo's work was supported by Kone Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, Kari Mattila Foundation and FILI. Roxana's last poetry collection La belleza (Kauneus) was written with Suomeen Kulttuurirahasto´s support. This book will be published in Finnish next year.

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(Olsztyn, Poland)  Krzysztof Szatrawski, born in Kętrzyn, Poland (1961) is a Polish poet, writer, philosopher of culture, and a professor at the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. He combines the aesthetic and philosophical exploration on human condition, focusing on culture, music and literature in theoretical and historical perspective. He is author of nine books of poetry, two books of prose over 100 research studies in the field of musicology, literary studies, history and theory of culture and more than one thousand of popular articles, musical, theatrical and literature reviews. He is president of Polish Writers Association - Olsztyn Division, and a member of many cultural and scientific organizations. He is also translator of poetry and prose from English: Walt Whitman, T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden, Allen Ginsberg, Charles Bukowski, from German: Arno Holz, from Russian: Maximilian Voloshin, Boris Slutski and many contemporary poets. His poems are also used as lyrics in numerous musical works and in cinema. Szatrawski has received many honors, among them medal "For Merits For Polish Culture", International Voloshin Prize “For Contribution To Culture”, Evgeny Zamyatin Medal, the title of honorary citizen of his hometown Kętrzyn. In January 2020, he become laureate of the prize of President of Olsztyn and the Statue of St. Adalbert.

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