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Broadcast Live - 26 JUNE 2020
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(Rome, Italy)  Dalila Hiaoui, an Italo-Moroccan poet and writer, works with ONU agencies in Rome. Her video lessons to learn Arabic are on Italian, Canadian and Moroccan channels since 2010. She is the secretary assistant for Arab world in the “World Poetry Movement”. She has published 40 books as author and co author in a variety of genres - poetry, novels, theatre, short stories for children, and more. Her books have been translated into nine languages. Since 2013, she has been conducting the international cultural salon: J’nan Argana (Argan Paradise). In 2016, Dalila started organizing with other poets humanitarian caravans to break the isolation chains around the rural people far in the mountains, focusing especially on reaching young students, women and old people.

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(Alexandria, Egypt) Egyptian poet, writer and editor, Atef Elgendy received his education from Alexandria University and works as an Arabic language teacher in Cairo. He is also a literary critic, former Secretary General Of Egyptian writers, and the current Chairman of the Al–Masry Division. He is a member and officer of several literature associations and clubs, and the owner of Salon Atef Elgendy literary. Atef has been honored at many international literary festivals, and has received numerous awards and certificates for his poetry and writing. He was the Secretary General of both the Cairo Literary Conference (2008) and the Standard Division of Egyptian Writers (2015). He has lectured in palaces of culture, has judged many literary competitions, and has been entered into several Arabic literary dictionaries. His work has been translated into Turkish, English, and French.

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(Marrakech, Morocco)  Born in Taroudant, Morocco, Fatna Bendali is a professor, writer and poet with a Ph.D. in Literary Criticism. She has published numerous articles, educational and critical studies in various journals and newspapers. She is a member of various associations. She prepares and presents a radio program in criticism.

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