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Craig Czury has made literary magic happen for over thirty years - no one else 
does it quite the same. Here are a few ways you can bring him to your community,  as well as responses from people like you who have hired him for various services:


Craig's expertise with poetry is as a tool for new understanding, breakthrough communication and transformative personal change. He is not merely a veteran poet/teacher. He is a master teacher, a master poet, and a master of life-long learning.

~ Dr. Heather H. Thomas, Poet & Author

His approach was so unique and exciting that our students were intrinsically inspired to write. Mr. Czury's ability to help students realize their talents is extraordinary. Our students that are not usually academically successful find success with him.

~ Grade 6 Teacher, Gunning Bedford Middle School



Craig has demonstrated a steadfast and unflagging commitment to the transformational value of Poetry in the Classroom. Every time he enters a classroom, he leaves the students - and their teachers - transformed by an unforgettable experience that catalyzes improved learning and even improved test results. Test results, of course, are not the poet's priority, but what he makes happen in a classroom is so eye-opening and powerful that students, awakened to themselves and their potential, perform better on tests afterward.  

~ Heather H. Thomas, Ph.D. Kutztown University



Craig promotes the idea that poetry is a universal language and a common means of expression allowing us to connect with our fellow human beings... sharing a love of people and their diverse cultures, he teaches teachers how to incorporated geography, culture and the arts into their classroom discussions and lessons.  

~ Lori Edinger, Tower Hill School

Mr. Czury was instrumental in providing insights and expertise in the communication skills and creativity needed to help us acquire a higher quality of student writing work. Through his workshops and "Poem Fusions," our students took in the influence that ultimately helped several receive awards and recognition for their creative writing samples entered in our regional competition (8,000 students in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the U.S.)... His effectiveness in bringing our students into public visibility through their creative writing was greatly appreciated by myself and others in the organization.

~ Dan Curry, Red Rock Job Corps Center

It could have been said that the advice was over the youngsters' heads. It could have been argued that fourth graders just didn't have the life experiences for compelling poetry. But as the children quickly tilted their heads down, bit their lips, and worked occasionally and furiously with their erasers, their own words and verses "danced down the page'' - as Czury describes writing poetry. They wrote about playing pinball with a father, pigging out with a camp buddy, looking for a lost cat - all the common stuff of childhood – but without a single rhyme. And some dealt with painful issues. Czury, sensing the need, moved one girl to a separate table for privacy. "Privacy is not a punishment,'' he pointed out for her classmates. At another table, with her head tucked into the crook of her elbow as she wrote, a young poet brushed away tears with a sweatshirt sleeve.

~ Stephanie A. Stanley, Inquirer Correspondent: March 01, 1998



“Poetry is an experiment in the music of language. It is the rhythm of the human voice that creates the music of language with poetry. We sing back and forth to each other daily with the rising and falling tones of our voices.”

“No one can write until seeing or visualizing an event or image that triggers a thought or memory.  I’m looking for schools whose language curriculum not only teaches vision, but encourages it.”



“The daydream is the only element of the classroom that hasn’t been addressed in school curriculum, and yet it’s from where creative thought through ponder comes… The journey to and from unknown worlds or moments forgotten…”

by Craig Czury



when I see you again

which one of us will have changed


if it’s me     my mind

the way my thoughts

  have grown beyond

having been with you

how will you recognize me


can you be sure it’s the same me


how will I recognize you

if you are no longer

   the same idea of who you were

when we first met


will you save for me a signal

from the old world


will it help if I wink

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