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So Much More To Grasp

So much more to grasp beyond understanding. I write this into each poem and the only reason I write. If you can't keep up with the jazz, listen for the music. Just may be the pitch. Pitch with wonder I learned from Satchel Page. Pitch with amazement I learned from all the traveling salesmen who picked me up thumbing cross-country and pegged me for northeastern Pennsylvania., Wilkes-Barre as soon as I opened my mouth. Not what I was saying, but how I was saying. Same difference last weekend in Estonia among Russians. I don't understand a word you're saying, man, but I get it. I get the gist. The open air between what you're actually saying and what I think you're saying that's everything. Psychology For Dummies tells us at the moment of conception, you can't duck the expectations. All you can do, like poetry, is bob and weave.

Czury reading at a Poetry Festival in Estonia. | Photo: Jevgenia Parv

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