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Myth and the Mystic

There are ones who stand on myth and the mystic. There are ones who stand on dream. There are ones who stand on the laws that defy the laws of gravity. There are ones who stand on the path of least resistance. The principle that everyone is created from nothing equally. The scent between your legs. There are ones who stand in the light inside the dark behind their eyelids. The ones who stand on nothing with nothing but everything in a naked look. A blank stare. That trance while waiting in line. The ones who stand in silence when pressed for a key. The vital signs of a solution. I know what that is, but I don’t know how to say it. I’m going there now, but… I’m standing on a hunch. A gut feeling. I’m standing on a figment of my imagination. A quirk. A fluke. A whim. My intuition of what it means to be standing in the ether, the beyond, waiting for a sign to move into anyone’s good guess.

Self portrait in multi-dimension.

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