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A brief selection of Craig's poetry online - in various media forms and languages.


The Assignment Is

From a Reading at Chinaski Libri Caffe, Soncino Italy, 2018

From Thumb Notes Almanac

Read for Berks Bardfest 2014


Read for Berks Bardfest 2013


Poetry Concert with Aldo Villagrossi
Recorded Live in Lodi, Italy:  
Featuring "Orphan Shadow Orphan"  and pieces from
"Never Mind The Trucks (Non Pensare ai Camion)"  

Italian translation of "Shadow, Orpan Shadow"
Translation and video by Aldo Villagrossi

Click Here to read English Text

Excerpts from "Thumb Notes Almanac:
Hitchhiking The Marcellus Shale"

Audio Recording from the Cloudburst Council 2013,
from The Rootdrinker Institute

"Walking Around"

At Berks Bardfest 2011 (video from BCTV) 

"For Years"

At Berks Bardfest 2011 (video from BCTV)

New Arts Alive - Interview
Poet Laureate Interview 2012 (video from BCTV)

The Bridge

Recorded for International Poetry Anthology "Oir ese Rio", 2017

Craig Czury and Philip Levine

Recorded for Poetry Spoken Here, Episode #030
Discussing "Thumb Notes Almanac", plus a review of Levine's book

Interview with Erika Funke

Recorded for WVIA FM's ArtScene,  Discussing "Fifteen Stones"

Six Poems (Albanian Translations by Entela Kasi)
December 2018 - Palimpsest

Three Prose Poems "Albanian Postcards"
Winter 2018 - PoetryBay 

"In My Silence To Justify"

October 2012, Michael Smith Photography

"But These Boys Today"
February 2012,  Daniel Elkin Blog


"Hurricane Sandy"

March 2014, The Lascaux Review

"Bogside Murals"   and   "Franz Kline"

January 2014,  Painters and Poets

"Diary Without Names"
2003 - Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín

Technologia Americana and Otras Poemas  (in Spanish)

August 2010 - Poetas Siglove Intiuno Blog


Excerpt from "Thumb Notes Almanac:
Hitchhiking The Marcellus Shale"

August 2014 - Broderbend "Vigil for the Marcellus Shale"


Excerpts from "American Know-How: Patent Pending"

October 2013, The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Independent Gazette


"Every Day I Discover A Length Of Breath"  
"So In The End It's Perception"   

"Opening A Tremendous Silence Between Us" 

"Each Day A Legendary Search For The Lost Cry"    
"Mverta Svboda".   and many others

October 2012, Diogen Pro Kultura Magazin
(Pro Culture Magazine).   (scroll to bottom for poems)


"There Was No Other Pretense"    "For Heather"  
"In My Silence to Justify"  
"For Years"     "Afterward"  
"In My Country"    "Sadiiqii"

January 2005,  Blesok Bookstore (from Wide Almost Digital Sky)

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